Hho Gas Generator Tile Cutter

Model NO.: Kingkar5000
Rated Capacity(kVA): 15
Water Consumption(L/H): 2.7
Maximum Cutting Thickness(mm): 220
Effective Perforated Thickness(mm): 60
Insulation Class: F
Power Protection Grade: IP2s
Flame Temperature(T): 800-3200 Adjustable
Trademark: kingkar
Transport Package: Wooden Carton Box
Specification: CE and iso9000
Origin: Hunan. China
hho gas generator tile cutter

Operating principle
Hydrogen production and hydrogen-oxygen fuel cutting machine is a device that uses water electrolysis technology, electricity from water decomposition of hydrogen and oxygen, hydrogen as a fuel, oxygen combustion, is a new high-tech green energy equipment, is a popular saying water becomes water fuel fire equipment. Just turn on the power switch, there is a steady stream of external supply of hydrogen fuel.

a. Neutral flame, carbonizing flame, oxidizing flame, can fully meet user's requirements for the use of fire.

b. Cutting surface smooth level off, without hang slag nodular.

c. Narrow kerf width, saving material.

d. More useful than traditional machine. Reduce pollution and 60% cost.  
Why choose oxy hydrogen cutting machine?
--- Efficient operation: small slot, concentrated firepower, preheat fast, high speed cutting, do not hang residue and without cleaning after process.

--- Energy-saving design: with voltage and temperature fluctuation compensation function, built-in AC power-saving features.

--- Adjustable gas production: the use of DC power inverter technology, stable current adjustable, stable gas production.

--- Easy to use: air-cooled, no water. Boot gas production shutdown to stop gas.

--- Security: Low electrolysis, no risk of electric shock. Built- proof membrane, pressure relief valves, stainless steel fire ended tubes, stainless steel flame arrester can effectively prevent all accidents tempering.

Other features

a. Safer fuel gas 

Mixture of flammable gas and air or Oxygen is explosive, and it has a lower and upper limit of concentration for explosion.
Lower explosive limit for Propane gas = 2.2%
Lower explosive limit for Acetylene gas = 2.5%
Lower explosive limit for Hydrogen gas = 4.0%.
Thus, Hydrogen is much safer than the other gases because of its higher value of Lower Explosive Limit. Additionally, because Hydrogen is lighter than air, it does not stagnate but will quickly diffuse in the atmosphere.
b. CO2 Emissions reduction

Hydrogen is a clean energy source. Water is the only product of combustion. Hydrogen combustion produces no CO2 because the molecule contains no Carbon atom, Hydrogen is the cleanest energy as an alternative to LPG, Acetylene gas or Natural gas.
c. Lower heat stress

Steel plate when heated for the same time by both conventional and Hydrogen fuelled flames shows the following heat distribution in the plate. The high combustion speed of the Hydrogen flame reduces the flame area and concentrates the thermal energy. This allows the high pressure oxygen passage to heat only the immediate area being cut, preventing excessive heat transfer to the surrounding area. This reduces cooling time and distortion caused by excessive heat stress.

Application field
Suitable for all the needs of the flame processing establishments, used to replace acetylene, propane, liquefied petroleum gas and other gas, commonly used in steel cutting, welding metal oxide, jewelry processing require high energy gas plant, glass processing.

Technical Data Sheet
Model Kingkar-3000 Kingkar-5000 Kingkar-7000 Kingkar-10000
Voltage(V) 380  ±10%,50/60Hz,three phase
Rated capacity(KVA) 9 15 22 31
Working pressure(Mpa) ≤0.2
Relative humidity(%) ≤90
Rated gas output(L/H) 3000±10% 5000±10% 7000±10% 10000±10%
Water consumption(L/H) 1.6 2.7 3.8 5.8
Maximum Cutting Thickness(mm) 110 220 310 420
Effective perforated thickness(mm) 40 60 70 90
Cooling way Air cooling
Insulation class F
power protection grade IP2S
Flame temperature(T) 800-3200 adjustable
Working medium Filtered water or deionized water or soft water
Working continuous
environment temperature(T) 0-40
Dimension(L×W×H)mm 1020*770*1270 1250*830*1720 1300*930*1820 1500*930*1940
Weight(KG) 293 567 653 894
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Automatic dispensers are widely used in semiconductor, electronic components, LCD manufacturing and other fields. Its principle is that the rubber is pressed into the feed tube connected to the piston by compressed air. When the piston is in the upper punch, the piston chamber is filled with glue, and the glue is pressed out of the dispensing head when the piston is pushed down. The automatic Dispensing Machine is suitable for dispensing fluids. It is much higher in degree of automation than manual dispensing machines. From the point of view of dispensing, the quality level of the product will be higher. The automated operation is simple and controllable.

 1.Machine using the latest dispensing technology, nice appearance, the machine has run fast, accurate positioning, the glue evenly, the noise is small, stable performance and so on.

2.X, Y, Z three-axis all imported original guide, micro-step high-precision motors, drives and controllers, maintenance is simple, high precision.
3.Use of hand-held control box, multi-axis dispensing software system, Chinese and English interface operation, machine programming, the control box can be run offline.
4.To complete a variety of straight / slash / round / arc / 3D graphics, flat, high and low uneven, interpolation of the complex graphics of the plastic over-coating and so on.
5.The movement speed, dispensing, glue volume, pressure, vacuum suction (control glue drip) can be arbitrarily change the program control.

 6.CAD graphics and PLT files can be imported into the machine to generate motion programs. Working particle size up to 0.1mm.

Application :

1. Suitable for fluid dispensing, such as: UV glue, AB glue, EPOXY (black glue), white glue, EMI conductive glue, SILICON, epoxy resin, instant glue, silver glue, red glue, solder paste, thermal paste, anti Solder paste, transparent paint, screw fixative, etc.
2. Suitable for: mobile phones, computer cases, optical drives, printers, ink clips, PC boards, LCDs, LEDs, DVDs, digital cameras, switches, connectors, relays, heat sinks, semiconductors, etc., or SMT equipment connection fast point / glue, clock, toys, medical equipment and other liquid dispensing products.

Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine

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